Festival Ballet: Dance Community Rallies

Festival Ballet Providence (FBP) was about to enter its 34th year as the sole professional ballet company in the State of Rhode island.  As the 2011-2012 season approached, the company faced a serious cash-flow problem, which threatened to impact its upcoming productions.

The arts community in Providence rallied to the cause and committed to help promote and participate in “Together We Dance,” a one-time gala, to be held at one of the largest performing arts facilities in the State, The Vets.  In addition to the local arts community, dancers from The New York City Ballet, Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, Lithuanian National Ballet Theater, and the American Ballet Theater volunteered to perform.  The hope was to bridge the gap in the budget and heighten the visibility of the company as an important cultural resource, actually, the only professional ballet company in the State.

Ruth Davis go to work.  In a period of less than 3-weeks, she garnered the attention of nearly every media outlet within 40-miles, including television news, radio, Internet, print and social networks.  They included: The Providence Journal; ABC6; The Providence Phoenix; FoxProvidence; and Providence Business News.  The event attracted more than 800 people and raised in excess of $60,000.  As a result, the company’s season has continued successfully, and Davis has been retained to  promote each production since.